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New xichtík - no a povedzte, že sa tu netvári zlato !! Ako taká opička :D (aktualizované 26.01.2009)


 tak toto oblečko a postoj by jej mohol závidieť aj samotný Harry Potter. Nuž Daniel, konkurencia je konkurencia :D











1,ksichtíky Rose McGowanObrazek- Tuto je pár Roseiných ksichtíkov.Fotky sú z doby,aj keď bola Rose mladšia.Už aj vtedy sa vedela ksichtiť =))























1, ksichtíky Kaley Cuoco (Bilie)-A kto robí najlepšie grimasky?No jasné,že Kaley!!!


















2) Alyssa Milano-Aj Alysse sa niekedy podarí vytrúsiť grimasu, no niekomu sa to smiešne ani nezdá(vid. moderátor pri nej).Ale nám určite áno SmileyObrazekObrazek





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(david miedzianik, 14. 5. 2010 13:28)

my e-mail address still won't work: i don't get my money until next friday: some people out of camden street care team met me at VICTORIA COACH STATION: LONDON: they said they'd get me a hostel place or something or other ??? eh ???? i travel the buses here in london "MOST OF THE TIME" at nights: go back to the COACH STATION each morning: if i've got no hotel or room, or a guest house eh: ST PANCARAS LIBRARY: CAMDEN: LONDON:


(david christopher miedzianik, 14. 10. 2009 13:56)

todays date: WEDNESDAY 14th OCTOBER 2009: i think ??? eh ???

dear ??? i've paid up at THE STATION HOTEL VAXHAUL BRIDGE ROAD LONDON: i'm in ROOM 18 there if anyone wants a date out eh ??? i've paid up there until this friday: WHAT A THRILL THIS COULD BE FOR SOMEONE EH ??? the new bob dylan christmas 2009 album is out: i saw it on BREAKFAST TV NEWS this morning: along with AL MARTINO dying: i think he played some part in the film THE GODFATHER eh ???
bob dylan did that song JEOY on his DESIRE album eh ?? why things had to be that way why ??? THE ANSWER WAS JUST BECAUSE: david miedzianik cyber-cafe WESTMINSTER: LONDON rainmanhallelujah@hotmail.com

david miedzianik

(rainmanhallelujah@hotmail.com, 31. 7. 2009 20:58)

DEAR CHARMED: elizabeth knutton gave me a watch for my birthday: i've just had a battery put into it down here in WESTMINSTER: LONDON: i nearly saw michael jackson coming out of a london hotel once down here: instead i saw it on tv, the same night or something ??? THERE'S HIS MEMORIAL HERE IN HYDE PARK or something ??? THAT ONE WITH THOSE RAILINGS OR SOMETHING ??? well it was the right day for the funeral july 7th 2009: maybe he's buried here in HYDE PARK along with his tax returns, and house insurence, or something ??? i think he's fooling us all ???? he's on THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON eh ???

'death is not the end' BOB DYLAN 'down in the grove' album: you never die it's a load of nonsence:


(Marthinkaa, 24. 3. 2009 18:54)

aojky super stranka...newete nikto stranku kde by som mohla mohla kukat carodejnice online?? po slovensky alebo po anglicky :))) dikyyyyy moooooooc LOWE CHARMED

david christopher miedzianik

(rainmanhallelujah@hotmail.com, 10. 4. 2008 14:32)

i LOVE you CHARMED GIRLS: xxxxx KISSY, KISSY, KISS, KISS: david miedzianik:


(vera, 11. 12. 2007 17:32)

mala bi si tam pridat


(Mimuszka, 5. 10. 2007 19:24)

awoj hesky webik nechces spriatelit???:D