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Tento mesiac som objavila veľa tituliek a článkov s Rose , hlavne ohľadne jej nového filmu Grindhouse...dúfam, že sa vám budú páčiť

1, časopis ArenaObrazek - Rose nafotila špeciálny photoshot pre arenu a poskitla naozaj "mega" interview ohľadne jej života, a zašla naozaj hlboko do svôjho súkromia.

Úryvky z rozhovoru :

"Môj brat sa v 12 venoval heroín.Všetky svoje peniaze som minula na právnicke poplatky.Platila som prenájom a Bennymu kauciu"

Ked ma uvidel marylin tancovať sexi pri bare povedal" Ak dokáže baba tancovať na Iron Maiden, tak to je tá, s ktoru chcem bytť do konca života!"





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(david miedzianik, 8. 11. 2010 12:22)

DEAR: i live in LONDON "MOST OF THE TIME" now: my mums cousin is now over from FLORIDA: shes trying to sort out my mums old house: shes been here a month: and shes got another month to do: david miedzianik cyber-cafe up near THE ROYAL HALLAMSHIRE HOSPITAL: SHEFFIELD: say..med-gen-nick:


(david miedzianik, 12. 7. 2010 11:19)

date: MODERN TIMES: for all i care ?????

i think its VICTORIA PARK LONDON where ROXY MUSIC are playing later on this month: i got it wrong looking at the BILL STICKERS thing ??? eh ??? THEY DO A GOOD COVER VERSION OF THE BOB DYLAN SONG a hard rains a gonna fall EH ??????? WESTMINSTER LIBRARY: LONDON:


(david miedzianik say..med-gen-nick:, 30. 6. 2010 13:31)

STILL NO GIRLFRIEND eh ??????? bob dylan is played HOP FARM KENT on the 3rd JULY 2010: still no ticket:


(david miedzianik say...med-gen-nick:, 30. 6. 2010 13:27)

todays date: MODERN TIMES: for all i care ????

dear charmed ?? i stopped at ST MARTIN IN THE FIELDS
"CONNECTION" last night: i left my referal slip there pinned to the prayer board at ST MARTIN IN THE FIELDS: so i was lucky wasnt i ??? i dont know what will happen tonight ??? as i don't get my money until this FRIDAY i think ???? i stopped in FRANCE just over 2 weeks a few weeks or so ago: near PARIS eh: i saw PEARL JAM play in HYDE PARK, LONDON: then i listened to the next 2 days there from outside the fence: PAUL MAC CARTNEY was there the last day: SUNDAY: WESTMINSTER LIBRARY: LONDON:
i didn't find a girlfriend there but i nearly did ??? a scottish woman eh: she was about 50 or something eh ??? she lived near in or near the CAPITAL OF SOCTLAND: i think ??? eh ???


(david miedzianik, 22. 3. 2010 13:45)

something to do with WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTONS signed photo ??? eh ?????????? ST PANARAS LIBRARY: CAMDEN: LONDON:


(david miedzianik, 22. 3. 2010 13:43)

my blood sugar was about 21 last night: i need some more diabetes tablets now: ST PANCARAS LIBRARY: CAMDEN: LONDON: i might be able to get a room again ???? when i get my money this FRIDAY ??? EH ???? SOMEONE IS MESSING ME ABOUT SOMEHOW DOWN HERE EH ???? I DON'T QUITE KNOW HOW ??? EH ??? OUT TO GET ME DOWN HERE ??? EH ????


(david miedzianik, 18. 3. 2010 15:34)

NO E-MAIL: NO FACEBOOK: eh ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


(david miedzianik, 18. 3. 2010 15:32)

the salvation army KINGS CROSS gave me some clothes last night too:


(david miedzianik, 18. 3. 2010 15:31)

i also missed JETHRO TULL, last night too: at UNION CHAPEL, ISLINGTON: LONDON: i don't get my money here until a week FRIDAY: so i travel on the LONDON buses most of the night: ST PANCARAS LIBRARY: LONDON:


(david christopher miedzianik, 18. 3. 2010 15:27)

i have another ticket to see BOY GEORGE at LESTER SQUARE THEATRE on APRIL 11th 2010: 4 years to the day i got turned down at the USA EMBASSY LONDON for a B2 VISA: a 6 months none imigaration VISA: ST PANCARAS LIBRARY: LONDON: i can't seem to get into my e-mail account, or facebook account, today either ??? i don't know if its anything to do with this library eh ???

david miedzianik

(rainmanhallelujah@hotmail.com, 22. 12. 2009 14:52)

BOY GEORGE did some good songs last night too: some i hadn't heard eh:


(david christopher miedzianik, 22. 12. 2009 14:50)

i saw boy george last night here in london: at THE LESTER SQUARE THEATRE: LESTER SQUARE: i think it was called ????? i went to his show alone: i went back to my house in rotherham, south yorkshire, last weekend: camden libary london ??? or is it KINGS CROSS LIBRARY LONDON ??? i don't know ???


(david christopher miedzianik, 10. 11. 2009 17:29)

setting off to south yorkshire again tonight at 11-30pm: i think i've sorted it out with YORKSHIRE WATER eh ??? library westminster london:


(david christopher miedzianik, 2. 10. 2009 10:59)


i'm oweing on my YORKSHIRE WATER BILL: as i'm not using my house hardly ever now: i might go down to PARIS, FRANCE, again ??? where ELTON JOHN is playing tonight: i'll use the coach ??? not get there in time no doubt ??? IN FACT I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO ??? i'm supposed to send an EXEMPTION OF COUNCIL TAX letter to the debt collection people: (BRADFORD)??? for THE YORKSHIRE WATER: CAN'T WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON'S signed photo do this job for me ??? now ??? HILLARY CLINTON is now THE USA SECRETARY OF STATE eh ??? ELTON JOHN does that song CANDLE IN THE WIND doesn't he ??? for NORMA JEAN BAKER david miedzianik cyber-cafe WESTMINSTER: LONODN: rainmanhallelujah@hotmail.com say..med-gen-nick:


(david christopher miedzianik, 30. 9. 2009 19:01)

dear ????? i've spent most of the day playing around in the cyber-cafes: david miedzianik: i tried to use the computer down at WETSMINSTER LIBRARY without much luck today: so i'm using one here: no dates out with anyone, no job: this is my job for all i care: writing on these here INTERNET THINGS:


(david christopher miedzianik, 11. 6. 2009 15:06)

todays date: MODERN TIMES: for all i care ??????

DEAR ??????? TRAVELING BACK TO ROTHERHAM, SOUTH YORKSHIRE, tomorrow to see about my money: i've been down LONDON on, and off, about 3 and a half years or so, up to now: david miedzianik cyber-cafe near TRAVISTOCK SQUARE: LONDON: rainmanhallelujah@hotmail.com


(david chritopher miedzianik, 16. 3. 2008 20:43)

i think it was about the first place i went with MR CLINTONS SIGNED PHOTO: THE SHAW THEATRE LONDON: ive always loved anything to do with power: my mum used to personally know the rotherham MP STAN CROWTHER: now it looks like the end of the road with my mums old house doesnt it ??? david christopher miedzianik: PARIS: he used to drive around in his car ET 1 i think it used to be ??? or was that THE MAYOR of ROTHERHAM ??? sorry im a bit tired: i need a good girlfriend to tuck me into bed:


(david christopher miedzianik, 16. 3. 2008 20:34)

i found some money in my boots tonight: so i can use to cyber cafe tonight: i think WILLIE NELSON is playing PARIS tonight: not much good seeing him without a girlfirend is it: i used to be a very good request writer for bbc radio at one time: i asked for WILLIE NELSON The City Of New Orleans once: and i think they played it on RADIO TWO ???
but now my niegbours dont like me playing my requests in my semi detatched house back in south yorkshire: so ive HIT THE ROAD and im now in PARIS FRANCE all alone: ive been stopping in LONDON but thats not always easy to do either ??? not very church like music here ??? as they keep telling me to go from sac cre cur CHURCH OVERLOOKING PARIS:
/spellings/ i;m a bit tired MAYBE THEYLL BE A SONG OR 2 eventually ???? i went to BOY GEORGES MOTHERS birhday party back in LONDON: it was at THE SHAW THEATRE near KINGS CROSS on the 23rd JANUARY 2008 i think ??? my mums birthday was january 27th: shed have been 82 i think ??? david miedzianik cyber cafe paris: france:


(shirleyka, 4. 3. 2008 18:45)

ja by som si vchcela vymysluet xcasopis o celebritach


(dsvghwdsakkkkkkkwdtvd, 16. 12. 2007 19:12)

nevim jak zbalit holku prosim napiste